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Year 6 News

Hello and welcome to Year 6! Don't forget to check the webpage regularly for important news and updates!

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Year 6 News

Year 6 Anti-bullying

​ Can you think of 5 trusted people you could speak to if you needed them? Year 6 created these beautiful hands when doing their Anti-bullyi...
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Year 6 Visit Stockwood Park

Year 6 went to Stockwood Park as part of their enrichment session last week. They loved looking for conkers and acorns, identifying differen...
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Young Shakespeare Company Visit Year 6

​ Year 6 loved their visit from the Young Shakespeare Company  who performed Macbeth with them.
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Welcome to Year 6!

​ Good morning, good afternoon and good evening! Welcome to Year 6 and all the worldly delights it entails! The new year 6 cohort have start...
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