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The Education Endowment Foundation has researched the value to pupils of having access to an enrichment programme which, according to them, may underpin success in school and beyond. Enrichment (at Hillborough) includes opportunities to work collaboratively with others, build relationships, manage emotions, and cope with difficult situations. There is growing evidence that these skills are important to children’s later outcomes.

According to the EEF, enrichment education has intrinsic benefits (sometimes referred to as “arts for arts’ sake”). All children, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, deserve a well-rounded, culturally rich, education. At Hillborough we agree with these sentiments but also believe that enrichment directly improves pupils’ academic attainment and progress.

Autumn Term 2022

Stockwood Park Mrs Howes
Mrs Eames
Mrs Welch
Groundforce Gardeners Mrs Wright
Mr Farooqi
Mrs Allison
It won't happen through me Mr Potts
Miss McConnell
Coding Mr Greene
Mrs Samji
House League Mr Lightfoot
Mr Kintadi
Mindfulness Mrs Whelan
Mrs Nathwani
Woolly Mrs Lalji
Mrs Blanchflower
Yoga Miss Walker
Mrs Akbar
Art Mrs Field
Mrs Griffin
Mrs Mazza
Gaelic Football Mr Stevens
Mr Greene
Library Mrs Bradshaw
Miss Griffin
Mrs Rrustaj
Football Mr Jones
Mrs Scales

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