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School Meals


At Hillborough Junior School we have a Healthy Eating policy that recognises that good nutrition is essential if our pupils are to achieve their full potential in life. We will help pupils to develop a positive attitude to healthier eating through the curriculum, food provision and links with families and the community.


School Meals

From 1st September 2023 school dinners will cost £2.50 per day. Money for school meals must be paid in advance online at www.scopay.com (debit cards accepted).

The kitchen offers a range of healthy meals and will allow the children to choose from different items to find something they like. View the school menu here.


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These are supplied to children whose parents are in receipt of Income Support or Job-Seekers Allowance. Applications should be made to Revenue and Benefits at Luton Borough Council on 01582 510346 or . For more details on free school meals and to apply online, visit the Luton Borough Council website.

Free school meals will be provided by the kitchens and if your child attends a trip a packed lunch will be provided for them by the kitchen. If you would like assistance applying for Free School Meals, please contact our family workers who will be happy to talk to you about it.



If you wish, your child may bring a packed lunch to school. Water is available for children to have with their lunch. Packed lunches should include healthy items such as a sandwich, salad, fruit, yoghurt and can also include crisps as part of a balanced diet. No fizzy drinks are allowed.


We have a healthy tuck shop at morning break. Children are allowed to bring in a snack from home for break times however these should only be fresh fruit or vegetables. They should not have chocolate, sweets or crisps.


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