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The Linking Network


Our school is proud to be part of the Schools Linking Network in Luton. This involves over 20 Primary and Junior Schools in the town and has been running successfully for over 12 years. The Linking Network (TLN) is a national charity that supports young people, schools and local authorities to explore identity, diversity, equality and community, using four key questions: Who am I? Who are we? Where do we live? and How do we all live together? Many Luton schools are involved and are put into pairs of classes at the beginning of the year. Throughout the year, the class from each school in the pair will meet up three times and take part in team activities and games. The children also complete identity work in class which is linked to the four key questions and the children learn to appreciate who they are and what makes them special as well as to appreciate and respect similarities and differences in others. Hillborough Junior School is currently linked with St Margaret of Scotland Primary School and Richmond Hill School through our three Year 5 classes. Keep an eye on their class pages to see what they have been doing.

If you are from a school in Luton and would like to get involved in the Linking Project, please contact us at Hillborough Junior School. Alternatively, if you are a school outside of Luton, please visit The Linking Network website and contact them directly to find out about your local project.


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