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Our uniform policy has changed with effect from 1st September 2021. During the pandemic we allowed children to come into school in their PE kits on PE days. We have found that this has enabled children to spend more time being physically active. Therefore, we are continuing this going forward. However, we would like to standardise our PE kit and from September 2021 this will be as detailed below. Although we have introduced a new black PE sweatshirt with logo, pupils will know not need as many red school sweatshirts.

Children will wear school uniform on the 3 days of the week when they do not have PE. On the days that they have PE (they will be advised this at the start of term) children will wear the school’s PE kit to school.

Our school uniform colour is a combination of red and grey or black. Most items can be bought from High Street shops. Items marked with a * below, have the school logo on and must be brought in school. Please speak to our office staff for details of prices.
Trousers, shorts, skirts Black or Grey
Polo shirt, shirt, blouse White
School Jumper, Cardigan (with logo)* Red
Shoes (no trainers) Black
Socks Plain black, grey or white
Headscarves Plain black, red or white
Please note skirts should be an appropriate length and of a style which allows girls to sit comfortably on the floor. Jeans and leggings are not permitted as part of the uniform.
Children wear their PE uniform to school twice a week. They will be advised of the days that they have PE. All school uniform and P.E. kit MUST be named.
Shorts Black
Polo shirt (school logo optional) Red
Sweatshirt (with logo)* Black
Jogging bottoms Black
Trainers (outdoor PE) Black Plimsolls (indoor PE) Black or White
For health and safety reasons children are not permitted to wear earrings for PE. Your child’s teacher will advise you when PE lessons take place so that earrings can be removed.
Headscarves must be removed for all PE lessons.

The process for ordering uniform is as follows:

  • Orders can be placed by either telephoning the school, 01582 613331 or by visiting the reception. Please note that only 2 people are allowed in the reception area at any one time and masks should be worn.
  • Uniform purchased can be tried on at home and should it not fit can be exchanged as long as it has not been washed or labelled.
  • Only one adult, and the child you are purchasing the uniform for, will be allowed onto the school site to collect the items from main reception. Please ensure that you come on the date and time agreed.

PRICE LIST - items which can be purchased in school

Size 28-32 £9.00 
Size 34 and above  £10.00 
Size 28-32 £10.00
Sizes 34 and over £11.00
Size 28-32 £9.00
Sizes 34 and over £10.00
PE BAGS £2.00

Uniform can be purchased from the school up until the end of term, Tuesday 20th July and we will open on Wednesday 1st September between 10.30am and 2.00pm before school starts on Thursday 2nd September. However, please note that there is no guarantee of stock. The school will be shut over the summer holidays.

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