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Mr Bradshaw - Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (Strategic Leadership Team)

Mr O'Donnell - Deputy Headteacher (Strategic Leadership Team)

Mrs Howes - Assistant Headteacher Teacher (Strategic Leadership Team)

Mrs Whelan - Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Manager/Schools Linking Network (Strategic Leadership Team)

Mrs Bradshaw - Assistant Headteacher and Teacher

Mr Stevens - Assistant Headteacher and Teacher

Mrs O’Driscoll - Office Manager & PA to Headteacher, Clerk to Governors

Mrs Hall - School Business Manager

Mrs Eaglesham - Clerical Assistant

Mrs Ingham - Clerical Assistant

Mrs Ritchie - Pupil Welfare / Clerical Assistant

Mrs Bradshaw - Year 3 Teacher (SLT)

Miss Greatbanks - Year 3 Teacher (maternity leave)

Mr Francis - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Allison - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Sweeney - Year 4 Teacher

Mr Jones - Year 4 Teacher

Mr Lightfoot - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Howes / Mr O'Donnell - Year 5 Teacher (SLT)

Mr Hill - Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Field- Year 5 Teacher

Mr Greene - Year 6 Teacher

Miss Sutton - Year 6 Teacher

Mr Stevens - Year 6 Teacher (SLT)

Mrs Lalji - Curriculum cover (Specialist Music and Languages Teacher)

Mrs Whelan - Inclusion Manager (SLT)

Mrs Allison - Academic Mentor

Mrs Blanchflower - HLTA

Mrs Brennan - Specialist Teaching Assistant

Mrs Akbar

Miss Birkinshaw - HLTA

Ms Conway

Mrs Eames

Mr Farooqi

Mr Greene

Mrs J Griffin

Miss A Griffin - Librarian

Mrs Iszchak

Mrs Ledgerd

Mr Kintadi

Mrs Mazza

Ms McConnell - Specialist TA for SEND

Mrs Rrustaj

Mrs Samji - HLTA

Mrs Scales

Mrs Surallie

Miss Ward - HLTA

Mrs Welch

Mrs Nathwani

Mr Deacon - Provision Lead Teacher

Miss Burke - Specialist Learning Support

Mrs Nervais - Specialist Learning Support

Mr Potts - Specialist Learning Support

Miss Brennan - Specialist Learning Support

Mrs Whitney - Lead Family Worker and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Rebecca D'Cruze - Family Worker/Inclusion

Mr Witter (Partnership Education) - ICT Technician / Network Technician

Mr Turner (Partnership Education) - ICT Technician / Network Technician

Mrs Hailey - Kitchen Manager

Mrs Kizi-Namputu - General Kitchen Assistant

Miss Krzewska - General Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Mulvihill - General Kitchen Assistant

Mr Whitney - Premise Manager

Mr Azad - Site Agent

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