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Choir Visit to LCF

On Sunday 20th March, the Choir were invited to sing at Luton Christian Fellowship on Hibbert Street. The theme of the service was International Day, with representatives from over 30 different nations!

29 children from Years 3-6 represented the Choir, singing: Amani Utupe and OK as well as Amazing Grace. Their performance was met with a huge round of applause and several members of the congregation, as well as the band, commented on how fantastic they were. Mr Williams, who was a guest speaker, also commented on how proud he was of the children.

Both myself and Miss Patis would like to thank all of the children involved as well as their parents and families for their support.

Mrs Lalji


On the 27th January 2016, Hillborough Junior School took part in the Young Voices Concert. To start off our wonderful day we took the coach to the O2 Arena which took us about one and a half hours. When we got there I was stunned by how big the O2 Arena was especially because it was my first ever experience of going to this venue. Before starting the concert, we had to do a three hour rehearsal to make sure everything was perfect. When the concert commenced, the whole Arena went pitch-black and, of course, was filled with excited screams. During the concert, some famous artists came out to perform some of their songs for us, for example: Tom Billington who performed his famous song ‘Hyper’. After the concert had finished, we travelled back to school to meet our parents at the bottom of the alleyway, Farley Hill. By this point, everybody was worn out so much so we all fell asleep on the way back. All-in-all, we had a wonderful and enjoyable day and hope to have the opportunity experience again in the future.

Written by Anjola Fadairo

Our school was one of the lucky schools that got to be part of young voice choir. This year was most special because it was the 20th anniversary of young voices. It was amazing the O2 was DONE UP like you never seen BEFORE. This is my second year running going and this year because most of my friends were there from are school choir. The rehearsal was the lead up to the big performance. Are school was confient because we had loads of support from parents. The performance went fantastic all thanks to our brilliant conductor. He said ”It was the best performance yet". It is very saddening that I am in year 6 because I might noy be able to have this fantastic experience again. I hope I can convince my high school teacher to take their choir to the O2.

By Joy Acheampong

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