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Luton First Teaching School Alliance


What is the Luton First Teaching School Alliance?

LFTSA Logo PortraitWe are an established cross-phase alliance of twenty one school partners, an initial teacher training provider and the local authority.

As our corporate name suggests, we are passionate about the attainment and achievement of the young people of Luton and indeed, throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and beyond. We are able to work with schools under any kind of governance arrangements and membership of the alliance is not a pre-requisite to access the benefits which the Teaching School has to offer.

The original members of the alliance form the basis of a steering group which provides Quality Assurance for a range of programmes which are available to all schools to support their school improvement priorities.

We believe a world class system of education is embedded in the spirit of partnership and a sharing of the expertise within that family of providers.

To this end, we offer bespoke cross-phase school to school support packages that focus on the quality of teaching and learning, curriculum development and all aspects of leadership and management. We look forward to working 'with' you.

John Williams, Executive Headteacher of Hillborough Junior School (Lead School)

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