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Year 4 News

Year 4 Update

Year 4 have had a busy Spring Term. In our numeracy lessons this term, the children have been working hard tackling fractions and decimals along with trying to become times tables champions of their classes.

In literacy, pupils have been reading and completing literacy tasks on the famous book 'The Boy in The Dress' written by David Walliams. Pupils also planned and wrote a non-chronological report using their own research about David Walliams. Science has also been an exciting subject this term for Year 4, the pupils have been learning about sound and have participated in a range of fun investigations. Geography has also been a fascinating subject, children have been learning about The Rainforest. Within this topic, pupils had a live debate where the topic of deforestation was discussed. Pupils gave reasons for and against deforestation and then used these points to write a balanced argument. The Rainforest work also linked in with computing this term, as pupils created their own Powerpoint presentations about Rainforests and presented their work to the pupils in their classes. 

In the final week of term, pupils had the chance to become travel agents! The children researched different holiday destinations around Europe and had to put together a holiday brochure advertising a family holiday in August for that particular destination. As travel agents, the pupils had to look for flights, hotels and plan activities for the family all in a budget of £2000. The 'travel agents' then had to present their brochures to the rest of their classes.

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

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