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Aspiring to excellence

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Values and Ethos

We believe that it is our duty to provide a safe, inclusive and exciting learning environment which fills our students with enthusiasm for school and inspires them to do the best they can. Parents and family members are key partners in ensuring that their children make the best progress possible and that they play an active role in education. Hillborough is a strong family and a diverse community that appreciates and values everyone. We are proud of our values and the ethos of our school.

At Hillborough we have adopted the Sainsbury's School Games Values as our own and are working as a school to encourage our staff and pupils to keep these in mind every day. By doing this we hope that our children will learn to appreciate each other and grow up to be kind, compassionate and responsible members of society.


Our school values are taken from the Sainsbury's School Games Values, which in turn were taken from the Olympic Values in 2012. We have adopted these values as a whole school and we focus on one each half term. Throughout the year we try hard to live our lives in and out of school remembering the values. Our teachers choose one or two people from their class each half term that have shown that they live by one of these values and are an example to the school. They achieve a special certificate and a wrist band or badge. If any person collects all of the values throughout their time at Hillborough, they become a Values Ambassador for the school.

Values Winners this half term are:

British Values

1What are British values?

Everyone has values that they believe in and choose to live their life by. In Great Britain we share lots of values that make our nation a great place.

2The rule of law
3Respect and tolerance
4Individual Liberty
9Who are the British?
10Luton in Harmony

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC) and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

1Teaching of PSHE and Values

PSHE is taught through some elements of SEAL where relevant. We follow the Sainsbury's school games values: determination, passion, honesty, self-belief, respect, teamwork and PSHE lessons are focussed on these values. We also take account of any National days of celebration or special importance and discuss these during PSHE lessons. Values are displayed in every classroom and around the school.

At the end of each half term, one child from each class is selected for a special Values Award and the aim is for children to try to collect all 6 during their time at the school. If they succeed, they become a Values Ambassador. Parents are invited in to the special award ceremony each half term if their child has been selected. Our website features the values winners each half term, as well as displaying our school values, displays and British Values.

3Collective Worship and other assemblies
4Community Links
5Awareness of British History
6Charity Work
7Healthy Living
8Pupil Voice

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