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Hillborough Junior School

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Aspiring to excellence

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About Us

Since Hillborough was awarded BEACON status by the government in May 1999 the school has grown from strength to strength. The award was a benchmark, recognising Hillborough as a very successful school with pupils, teachers, non-teaching staff and governors performing exceptionally well as a team.

In addition to providing a forum for all schools to share good practice, colleagues gave curriculum support to the local authority advisory service, led on information and communication technology initiatives and won a national award for the quality of its original website.

Although BEACON status finished nationally at the end of August 2005, we have continued to work closely with other educational establishments by leading on the development of a learning network of twelve schools. During our BEACON status colleagues were given the opportunity to support schools in difficulty before, during and after their OFSTED inspections. As well as being successful in this demanding activity our children benefited from the invaluable experience their teachers gained. Our school has been awarded ' Investors in People' status, a gold activemark award for sport and a government 'Leading Aspect' award for performing arts and sport. One of only thirty one schools to be chosen to lead on the government's 'excellence and enjoyment' agenda, we were delighted to be placed on the OFSTED inspection roll of honour in January 2005.

In the summer term of 2006, we received 'Healthy Schools' accreditation for our playground and FULL 'national healthy schools' accreditation in December 2007.

In January 2010 the school was judged by OFSTED to be 'outstanding' in every category. As a result of the National Teaching Awards, Hillborough junior received a 'plato' in June 2010, for 'outstanding' school team of the year in the eastern region. This followed the school being featured on B.B.C. Look East.

Our school encourages a 'family' atmosphere with everyone in our community valued and respected. All children have unlimited potential! If their all round development is nurtured in an environment of respect, love and celebration the outcome will be happy and high achieving pupils.

Hillborough Junior School
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