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Google Classroom

Dear Parents/Guardians,

In light of recent events, we have set up Google Classroom in order to be able to set tasks and share extra learning materials with your child, should the school be closed for a period of time. Google Classroom is able to be accessed both online and as an App.

Your child has a unique login, which we have shard with them, but in case of an issue, the points of contact are as follows:

Year 3 pupils -

Year 4 pupils -

Year 5 pupils -

Year 6 pupils -

Please allow us time to respond to you and resolve the issue. We are expecting lots of other educational establishments to use Google Classroom and there may well be teething problems.

The tasks and resources we upload are an add-on to the booklets which have been shared by individual year groups. Teachers will monitor these tasks during working hours and add to them as and when appropriate.

We hope that the children will really benefit from this valuable tool.

Mr Greene and Mrs Lalij

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